Young Woman Describes ‘Miserable’ Living Conditions in Gaza

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Young Woman Describes ‘Miserable’ Living Conditions in Gaza

Nour AlSaqqa, 23, describes how scarce basic resources like fresh water and food are in Gaza.

“Barely” is a proper way to describe what we’re going through because we barely eat. We barely drink. We barely live. I took my certificates, my passport, my favorite perfume, which is a luxury now that I think about it. This is where we sleep in the kindergarten. The living situation generally is miserable right now. It feels like we’re living 50 years ago or something because we literally fight to get like a few liters of water every now and then. There’s no bread. And when I say we have no water, I need people to comprehend that we spend days without drinking a single drop of water. That’s how limited it is. Hygiene is absolutely a luxury at this point. There’s barely water to wash your hands and to brush your teeth in the morning. I’ve had my share of suffering from all of this because of a food poisoning a few days ago. If the bombs didn’t kill us, our living situation will, eventually. And so, I’m keeping the little bit of energy I have left in me. I’m keeping it to have a conversation with my mother because I don’t know at any given moment what would happen.

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